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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program

Lead-Based Paint Training and Certification Program

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administers the State of Arizona's Lead-Based Paint Training and Certification program.

On August 29, 1996, the EPA published a final rule for the certification and training of lead-based paint professionals, 40 CFR Part 745. Since then, the regulation has been phased in around the country. This regulation ensures that lead-based paint activities such as inspections, risk assessments, and abatements of target (pre-1978) housing and child occupied facilities are conducted by trained and certified individuals using safe and effective methods. The regulation permits States and Indian Tribes to seek authorization from EPA to implement their own programs. If a State or Tribe did not have an approved program by the end of August 1998, the EPA established a federally-run program to accredit training providers and certify contractors in that State or Tribe.

As of March 1, 2000, any individual or firm that performs, offers, or claims to perform lead-based paint activities in Arizona must be certified by the EPA. For information on the EPA certification and accreditation applications, fees, economic analysis, and final rule visit the EPA Web site for certification and accreditation or call (800) 424-LEAD.

For firms that are EPA Lead-Based Paint Certified in Arizona please call (800) 367-6412 or visit the EPA's website.