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Behavioral Health Facility Food Establishment License FAQs

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Why do I need a food establishment license?

All licensed behavioral health facilities that provide services to more than 10 clients and serve food on the premises must comply with A.A.C. Title 9, Chapter 8 Article 1.

Food Safety and Behavioral Health Environmental Standards Regulations

The following rules apply specifically to behavioral health facilities:

Who is the "Person in Charge (PIC)"?

By definition, in the Arizona Technical Food Requirements, the person in charge means the individual present at a food establishment who is responsible for the operation at the time of inspection. There must be a PIC present at all times during operation of the food establishment.

What does "Demonstration of Knowledge" include?

The PIC must demonstrate knowledge of their responsibilities as outlined in Chapter 2, 102.11 Knowledge Demonstration of the Arizona Food Code Technical Requirements.

In addition to knowing this section of the Arizona Food Technical Requirements, obtaining a food service worker/manager card from your county health department is a good way to help reinforce the safe food handling practices among PICs and other food establishment staff. Please see the links to the Arizona County Health Departments on the Food Safety and Additional Resources page.

Do I need any special items in my food establishment?

The Arizona Food Code requires food temperatures to be monitored with a food-safe metal stemmed thermometer that ranges from 0° F to 220° F. Chlorine or other disinfectant test strips are also required to monitor the effectiveness of solutions used to sanitize utensils, equipment and food contact surfaces.

Must I display the food establishment permit?

Yes, the permit must be placed in a conspicuous place in your facility.

I am planning to remodel; or my facility is under new ownership. Do I need a new permit?

Yes, food establishment permits are non-transferable. A change in ownership or a remodel of the existing facility will require a plan review and approval by the Department to ensure the facility is meeting the requirements of the Arizona Food Code.

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