Food Safety & Environmental Services

School Garden Program

The goal of the School Garden Program is to enable fresh produce to be safely served in school cafeterias from their on-site school garden. The Arizona Department of Health Services School Garden Program will help your school garden meet the requirements of approved source as required in the Arizona Food Code.

Request for School Garden Site Visit

To request a site visit, submit a Request for School Garden Site Visit application, a Food Safety Plan and a map of the garden to ADHS. Contact the School Garden Sanitarian to request assistance in developing and submitting these required items or to schedule a training workshop at your school.

Once these items are received, they will be reviewed by the School Garden Sanitarian. The Sanitarian will then arrange for a site visit. Once a School Garden meets all requirements, the Garden Manager will receive a "School Garden Certificate of Approval" that will be effective for one year. In addition to the initial visit, the garden will be visited at least once during the harvesting season. One year after the initial approval, a renewal application will be sent to the applicant to document if the garden is still in use and/or if there is a new Garden Manager.

School Garden Program Forms
Harvested Rainwater Information

Harvested rainwater is a school garden program approved process that requires a separate standard operating procedure (SOP) and an attestation. A sample SOP and the required attestation can be found below.

Composting Information

School prepared compost made from either plant material or manure products require a separate SOP and attestation. A sample SOP and attestation can be found below, based on the material that will be composted. All equipment used for composting must be washed and sanitized prior to using on produce.