Extreme Weather and Public Health

Extreme Heat Related Maps

Check out the Trends in Morbidity and Mortality from Exposure to Excessive Natural Heat in Arizona, 2012 Report. The report contains the latest information on natural/environmental heat-related deaths and illnesses in Arizona.

The following maps reflect the ongoing work of the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) to visually represent the populations that may be most vulnerable to extreme heat events throughout the state. The selected indicators that are represented include: children under the age of five, elderly adults, elderly adults that live alone, and economically disadvantaged families and individuals. These social indicators have been selected after a thorough review of both public and academic reports that similarly try to visualize vulnerability to extreme heat events and heat-related illnesses in other parts of the country. We represent demographic data at both the county and census tract levels to demonstrate state-wide and more local patterns. Additionally, we have represented demographic data in absolute numbers as well as percentages of appropriate populations.

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National Weather Service Arizona County Warning Areas

The state of Arizona is serviced by four different Weather Forecasting Offices from the National Weather Service (NWS): the Phoenix office has responsibility for southwest/south-central Arizona; Tucson forecasts for southeastern Arizona; Flagstaff covers the north-central and northeast portion of the state, and the office in Las Vegas has responsibility for northwest Arizona. When the NWS issues a Severe Weather Warning (such as a Severe Thunderstorm or Tornado Warning), it typically issues the warning for only a portion of a county, not the entire county. This is due to the fact that Arizona counties generally cover large areas and weather events typically have impacts at smaller scales.

To help you understand the geographic regions that the NWS may issue warnings for, we have included maps from the NWS that break down the state of Arizona, as well as individual counties, into well-defined subdivisions. The counties that the NWS has subdivided include: Maricopa County, Pinal County, Yuma County, Gila County, and La Paz County. Additionally, we have included the subdivisions for the metropolitan Phoenix area. It is our hope that when the NWS issues a warning these maps will help you know exactly where the warning event is occurring.

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