Arizona Sanitarians' Council

Renewal of Sanitarian Registration

Sanitarian registration renewal applications and a $10.00 renewal fee are due annually to the Arizona Sanitarians' Council by December 31st of each calendar year. A grace period is provided for the submittal of renewal applications and renewal fees until February 15th of the next calendar year. A minimum of 12 hours of continuing education is required by December 31st of each year and is not subject to the grace period. There are several opportunities for sanitarians registered in Arizona to obtain their continuing education each year.

Failure to submit a renewal application and the $10.00 renewal fee by the February 15th deadline will result in the expiration of the sanitarian registration. To reinstate an expired registration, an applicant must submit a new registration application, meet the sanitarian examination eligibility requirements, pass the examination, and submit all application and examination fees.

Sanitarian Registration Renewal ApplicationPDF

If you have any questions regarding registration as a sanitarian in the State of Arizona, please contact us.