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Arizona Sanitarians' Council

Reference and Study Materials for Sanitarian Examination

The following references and study materials are recommendations from the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA).

REHS/RS Study Guides & Study Guide Packages - Available from the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA), 303-756-9090

Other Individual References Recommended by NEHA:

  1. Handbook of Environmental Health, Volumes 1 and 2 (Fourth Edition), 2003, H. Koren and M. Bisesi
  2. Environmental Engineering, 3-Volume Set (Sixth Edition), 2009, N.L. Nemerow, F.J. Agardy, P. Sullivan, J.A. Salvator (editors)
  3. Control of Communicable Diseases Manual (Nineteenth Edition), 2009 D.L. Heymann (Editor), APHA
  4. Environmental Health (Third Edition), 2003, M.T. Morgan
  5. Environmental Law Handbook (Twentieth Edition), 2009, Government Institutes
  6. Essential Epidemiology: Principles and Applications, 2002, W. Oleckno
  7. Pool and Spa Operator Handbook, 2009, National Swimming Pool Foundation
  8. Preparing for Biological Terrorism: An Emergency Services Guide, 2002, G. Buck
  9. Principles of Food Sanitation (Fifth Edition), 2006, N.G. Marriott and R.B. Gravani
  10. SuperSafeMark Guide to Food Safety, 2008, D. McSwane, R. Linton, and N. Rue
  11. The Public Health Law Manual, (Third Edition), 2005, F. Grad, APHA
  12. 2005 Model Food Code, U.S. FDA

On-Line Resources: