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Healthcare-Associated Infection and Antibiotic Resistance

Hospital Performance

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There are various organizations that compile reports of hospital quality around the country. Hospitals can voluntarily submit performance information to these organizations. These organizations make tools electronically available so the public can learn about and compare quality of hospitals in their area.

While the information included in the tools below can help you understand a hospital's performance on several safety and quality measures, this information should be considered alongside other factors. You can talk to your healthcare provider and local hospital staff about what this information means and how it can be used to make healthcare decisions. The Department of Health and Human Services provides a checklist that you can use in conjunction with hospital quality measures to help you choose a hospital.

Information about hospital performance:

Hospital Compare is a tool maintained by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. You can use this tool to learn about how well hospitals care for patients and to compare hospitals in your area.

The Leapfrog Hospital Survey presents information that hospitals voluntarily report to The Leapfrog Group. You can use this tool to learn about and compare hospitals' performance on specific safety and quality practices. Measures reported in the Leapfrog Hospital Survey include surgical quality and costs, care quality and costs, quality of care, and overall patient safety ratings.