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A Woman's Right to Know


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According to state law, an abortion shall not be performed or induced without the voluntary and informed consent of the woman for whom the abortion is to be performed or induced. If your doctor performs an abortion on you without obtaining your voluntary consent or without allowing a private medical consultation they may be liable to you for claims in a civil action.

Recent changes to Section 36-2153 specify that any woman seeking an abortion must be provided the opportunity to review the information contained in each of the links on this website. The woman may also receive a printed version of the materials free of charge, if she wants to review the materials.

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The Arizona Department of Health Services acknowledges contributions for this publication from text excerpts from the Texas Department of State Health Services," Woman's Right to Know" website and text excerpts from" Fetal Development Understanding the Stages", Virginia Department of Health. The illustrations found throughout this booklet were created by Peg Gerrity, Houston, Texas. Copyright: Statistical data regarding pregnancy complications, pregnancy related mortality and birth numbers was obtained from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.