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Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs

School Nursing

OCSHCN can serve as an educational resource that Arizona school nurses can utilize to address and meet the needs of children and young adults with special health care needs (SHCN), physical, developmental, or chronic illnesses. OCSHCN can provide technical assistance on policies, implementation, and training related to including children and youth with SHCN in school settings and provide resources for linking families to services.

School nurses have a unique role in providing school health services to children and young adults with special health care needs, including those with chronic illnesses and disabilities who may require coordination of care and services. Care coordination is a central, ongoing component of an effective system of care for children and young adults with SHCN and their families.

The Medical Home Care Coordination Manual is a resource for school nurses and other educational professionals who work closely with children and young adults with SHCN and their families. To ensure that the Medical Home Care Coordination Manual is such an effective resource to you as a school nurse, OCSHCN seeks your feedback on the usefulness of this tool in supporting the students with whom you work by completing this brief evaluation.

Delivery of Specialized Health Care in the School Setting
As an increasing number of children with chronic health care issues are attending school, it is crucial that schools address the needs of these students to achieve optimal learning. Schools in Arizona need to arrange for adequate personnel to provide care during the school day. In add ition, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) mandates that all disabled children must be provided an education in the least restrictive environment. This resource guide may assist school personnel in developing a plan of care in cooperation with the parent/guardian, medical provider and school nurse. To ensure the safety of the student, advanced planning and preparation are required to safely identify and train individuals who will be performing any medical task. [Source]

The Reduced Fee and Community Dental Clinics resource is also available.

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