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Office for Children with Special Health Care Needs

Youth Transitions

Transition is a period of learning, skill building and goal setting experienced by young people as they prepare to move from adolescence into adulthood. A successful transition from pediatric to adult healthcare systems is an essential part of maintaining health for youth with special health care needs.

Youth with special health care needs have, or are at increased risk for, a chronic physical, developmental, behavioral or emotional condition and also require health and related services of a type or amount beyond that required by youth generally.

Getting Started

Arizona Disability Benefits 101 (AzDB101)
AzDB101 provides easy to use interactive tools and information on health coverage, benefits, and employment including:

  • How disability benefits work
  • How to manage work, school and benefits
  • Support for going to work
  • How work impacts income, benefits and health insurance
  • Medicare and how to choose a plan

Share this great tool with teens or young adults with disabilities, as they plan for transition to adulthood, seniors using Medicare or anyone else who uses disability benefits.

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Education for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
A Supplemental Resource for Facilitators Using the Choosing the Best and Teen Outreach Program (TOP®) Curricula

This Supplemental Resource is intended to support the need for age appropriate and comprehensive pregnancy prevention education that can be used in community-based settings as well as classrooms to encourage healthy interactions for adolescents with intellectual disabilities.

Additional Resources

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