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Office of Oral Health

Policy Development and Technical Consultation

Agencies and Organizations:

The Office of Oral Health collaborates with agencies, organizations, professional associations and other groups. Working relationships include providing and obtaining consultations and technical assistance, sharing resources, partnering in projects, and co-sponsoring trainings.

Intergovernmental Agreements:

Several government agencies provide dental care services to their clients through contractors and/or by payment of services. These agencies require dental expertise in the form of a dental consultant for various administrative needs. The Office of Oral Health provides consultative and technical assistance services for these agencies through intergovernmental agreements.

Services include:

  • Developing oral health care policies and standards
  • Defining parameters of program service coverage
  • Conducting quality improvement review audits
  • Providing prior authorization of selected dental procedures
  • Updating fee schedules
  • Developing client education programs
  • Provider recruitment
  • Providing ongoing technical assistance as needed