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Enhanced Dental Teams

Enhanced Dental Teams Grant

The Arizona Department of Health Services, Bureau of Women's and Children's Health, Office of Oral Health (OOH) has been awarded a 3-year grant (2010-2013) for a program. The grant program is called Enhanced Dental Teams Grant: Developing Dental Care Access for Underserved Communities & Families. The goal of the Grant is to promote and develop enhanced dental teams (utilizing teledentistry practice, affiliated practice and other strategies) to improve workforce capacity, diversity and flexibility for providing oral health services to underserved populations and underserved areas. The program objectives are:

  1. Build and expand regional/local program development infrastructure;
  2. Train providers for enhanced dental teams and increase provider understanding and competencies for teledentistry practice, affiliated practice and other strategies;
  3. Educate and increase awareness of program administrators, policymakers and funders about enhanced dental teams and how teledentistry practice, affiliated practice and other strategies can increase workforce capacity and flexibility in community settings;
  4. Increase the number of enhanced dental teams at the state, regional and local levels; and
  5. Develop and gather resource materials, tools and lessons to support development of practice models, making this information accessible to providers, programs and communities.

Activities include supporting regional oral health coalitions to address local oral health needs and develop action plans; training providers on teledentistry technology and to understand the affiliated practice relationship; gaining the support of state and local partners for enhanced dental teams, and supporting efforts to address challenges for teledentistry practice, affiliated practice and other strategies. Activities also include working with partners and providers to implementing demonstration practice models to serve preschool and school-aged children and to educate pregnant women, new mothers and primary caregivers of young children. The grant program will use communications to develop support networks, provide resource information on a Website, and share lessons/successes at the national, state and local levels.

Note: Information provided in PDF files.