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Office of Women's Health

Preconception Health

What is Preconception Health?

Preconception health relates to the health of women and couples before conception, whether it is the first or a subsequent pregnancy. Improving preconception health can contribute to improvement in pregnancy-related outcomes. Furthermore, improving the health of mothers and fathers will result in long-term benefits for individuals and the community. With preconception health, everyone wins.

What is the Preconception Health Strategic Plan?

Improving the lives or women and children through the advancement of preconception health and health care in Arizona has been a major focus of the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), Bureau of Women's and Children's Health (BWCH) for several years. During that period, a number of preconception health projects and efforts have been initiated within ADHS and by our partners. Communication and shared vision are particularly important as the state continues to move forward in promoting and integrating preconception health and health care. In acknowledging this fact, BWCH convened a task force to develop a statewide strategic plan for preconception health.

The Preconception Health Strategic Plan will serve as a roadmap for stakeholders in the public and private sector who are interested in and willing to initiate preconception/interconception health and health care. In addition, it will facilitate the identification of partners and opportunities to collaborate on various strategies and actions that will improve the preconception and long term health of Arizona residents. As an effective tool, the Preconception Health Strategic Plan will be a living document that will move the concept of increasing awareness and services for preconception health and health care in Arizona to concrete strategies and action steps that will serve as a measure of progress in achieving the goal of reducing poor birth outcomes through improved parental health.

A draft Preconception Health Strategic Plan for Arizona was developed by the task force, and your expertise and input are critically important. As a statewide tool for improving preconception health, it is critical that there be broad and diverse contributions to the content of the strategic plan.