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Health Status and Vital Statistics

Havasupai Falls, AZ

Our mission is to provide meaningful and timely information on patterns and trends in health status of Arizonans. The health status information is disseminated online and through bound reports.

Health Status Monitoring Reports

The 500 page Arizona Health Status and Vital Statistics annual report examines trends and patterns in pregnancies, births, abortions, stillbirths, reportable diseases, deaths, marriages, divorces, hospital inpatient discharges, and emergency room visits. In addition to the print and original online versions, the 2012 report is made available as a mobile-friendly e-book.

Additional reports and studies include:

Annually updated statistics about major causes of injury mortality among Arizona residents include detailed information by intent (accidents, suicides, homicides), and mechanism of injury (firearms, falls, drowning, drugs).

The patterns in emergency room visits and inpatient hospital care by age group, gender, race/ethnicity, and county of residence are available for a number of diagnostic categories ranging from asthma to mental disorders.

Monthly Updates by County

Hospital Inpatient & Emergency Room Statistics

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