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Population Health and Vital Statistics

Various Health Statistics

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By Race/Ethnicity

Differences in Health Status Among Racial/Ethnic Groups

Health Status Profile of American Indians

Pregnancies by Pregnancy Outcome

Health Profiles of Mothers and Newborns, 2003-2013

Characteristics of Low-birthweight Births, 2003-2013

Total Mortality

Cause-specific Mortality

Age-adjusted mortality rates for selected causes of death:

Number and age-adjusted mortality rates for selected causes of death:

Age-specific Mortality

Number and rate of infant deaths:

Infant mortality rates for the leading causes of death:

Leading causes of death among:

Premature Mortality

Average and median age at death from all causes:

Percent of deaths before expected years of life reached:

Median age at death for the leading causes of mortality:

Note: Information provided in PDF and Excel files.