This publication provides readers with community-level data on live births and deaths in Arizona in 1998. Information on live births and deaths is compiled from the original documents (i.e., certificates of live births and certificates of death) filed with the Arizona Department of Health Services. The tabulated data include:

1) recommended by the CDC set of indicators for assessing health status and monitoring progress toward the Year 2000 objectives* (incidence of low-birthweight births, births to females less than 18 years old, prenatal care as measured by the percentage of women giving birth who receive care during the first trimester of pregnancy, mortality from cardiovascular disease, mortality from motor vehicle-related injury, mortality from lung cancer, mortality from female breast cancer, homicides, suicides and mortality from work-related injuries);

2) Supplementary indicators focused on socio-demographic and prenatal care characteristics (women giving birth who had no prenatal care during pregnancy, women giving birth who had 5 or more prenatal visits, births to unwed mothers);

3) Age-specific mortality profile by community

Many percentages or rates calculated from the data shown in this report would be based on a small number of events. Caution must be exercised when interpreting data based on small numbers of events and/or events occurring in small population.

Centers for Disease Control. Consensus set of health status indicators for the general assessment of community health status, United States. MMWR 40(27): 449-51, 1991.

Prepared and made Web-ready by Christopher K. Mrela, Ph.D., Assistant Registrar of Vital Statistics

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Date: 7/1/99