Health Status Profile of American Indians in Arizona: 1996 Data Book

This report was prepared by Christopher K. Mrela, Ph.D., Assistant Registrar of Vital Statistics

This report is the third annual update of population-level data on trends and patterns in natality and mortality among American Indian residents of Arizona.


1)American Indians' standing with respect to selected health objectives for the year 2000

1.1 Early Prenatal Care
1.2 Infant Mortality
1.3 Postneonatal Mortality
1.4 Mortality From Unintentional Injuries
1.5 Mortality From Motor Vehicle-Related Injuries
1.6 Suicide Mortality
1.7 Homicide Mortality
1.8 Mortality of Children 1-14 Years Old
1.9 Mortality of Adolescents and Young Adults 15-24 Years Old
1.10 Mortality of Adults 25-64 Years of Age

2) Selected health problems and health risks among American Indian and all residents of Arizona

2.1 Causes From Which American Indians Are More Likely Or Less Likely to Die Relative to All Arizona Residents
2.2 Average Age At Death From All Causes Among American Indians and All Arizona Residents
2.3 Nonmarital Births
2.4 Low-Birthweight Births
2.5 The Incidence of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
2.6 Births to Teenage Mothers
2.7 Low-Birthweight Births to Mothers 30 Years or Older
2.8 The Incidence of Pregnancy Associated Hypertension
2.9 The Incidence of Anemia During Pregnancy
2.10 The Incidence of Diabetes During Pregnancy

3) Characteristics of American Indian newborns and mothers giving birth who were residents of specified tribal communities on reservations, and those who resided off reservation

3.1 Maternal Age
3.2 Educational Attainment of Mother
3.3 Marital Status of Mother
3.4 Race/Ethnicity of Father
3.5 Age of Father
3.6 Source of Payment for Labor and Delivery

Maternal Lifestyle and Health Characteristics

3.7 Maternal Weight Gain During Pregnancy
3.8 Medical Risk Factors of Pregnancy
3.9 Substance Use During Pregnancy

Utilization of Medical Services

3.10 Trimester of Pregnancy Prenatal Care Began
3.11 Number of Prenatal Visits
3.12 Obstetric Procedures
3.13 Complications of Labor and Delivery
3.14 Method of Delivery
3.15 Attendant at Birth

Newborn's Health

3.16 Gestational Age
3.17 Weight at Birth
3.18 Abnormal Conditions of the Newborn
3.19 Congenital Anomalies (Birth Defects)
3.20 Causes of Infant Death

4) Patterns of mortality among American Indians

4.1 Age-Specific Mortality
4.2 Age-Specific Mortality Among Males
4.3 Age-Specific Mortality Among Females

Cause-Specific Mortality

4.4 Deaths From Causes Selected as Indicators for Monitoring Progress Toward The Year 2000 Objectives
4.5 Leading Causes of Death
4.6 Leading Causes of Death Among Males
4.7 Leading Causes of Death Among Females

Leading Causes of Death by Age Group for Selected Indian Nations

4.8 Leading Causes of Death by Age Group Among Residents of NAVAJO Tribal Communities
4.9 Leading Causes of Death by Age Group Among Residents of HOPI Tribal Communities
4.10Leading Causes of Death by Age Group Among Residents of FORT APACHE Tribal Communities
4.11Leading Causes of Death by Age Group Among Residents of GILA RIVER Tribal Communities
4.12 Leading Causes of Death by Age Group Among Residents of SALT RIVER Tribal Communities
4.13 Leading Causes of Death by Age Group Among Residents of SAN CARLOS Tribal Communities
4.14 Leading Causes of Death by Age Group Among Residents of TOHONO O'ODHAM Tribal Communities
4.15 Leading Causes of Death by Age Group Among American Indians Who Resided Off Reservation
Glossary of Terms

Technical Notes

It should be noted that tribal identity is not recorded on birth or death certificates. Tabulations of births and deaths in this publication are by place of residence in Arizona and not by tribe.

American Indian births are determined by mother's race as indicated on a birth certificate, that is, these are the births to American Indian mothers. American Indian deaths are determined by decedent's race as stated on the death certificate.

Health Status Profile of American Indians in Arizona is intended as a data book: a basic reference for some of the most frequently requested statistics. The four sections of the report were computer-generated and contain information with no accompanying narrative.

Sources of Data

The charts in Section I and II are based on rates and ratios published in the Arizona Health Status and Vital Statisticsannual report (s). Information on live births and deaths in Sections III and IV is compiled from the original documents (i.e., certificates of live births and certificates of death) filed with the Arizona Department of Health Services.

Population denominators for American Indians by place of residence in Arizona were not available for 1996.

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