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Injury mortality by intent

    Accidental deaths (unintentional injury)

    Assault (homicide)

    Injury deaths by intent or manner

    Injury deaths due to events of undetermined intent

    Intentional self-harm (suicide)

    Legal intervention

Injury mortality by mechanism

    Drowning deaths

    Drug-related deaths

    Fall-related deaths among Arizonans 65+

    Firearm-related deaths

    Deaths from exposure to excessive natural heat occuring in Arizona

Injury mortality among Arizona residents, 1990-2000
View/download entire report - 1,002k pdf

Cause-of-death categories for injury mortality - 102k pdf

Injury Mortality among Children and Adolescents, Arizona,
1989-1999 | 1988-1998 | 1987-1997 | 1986-1996 | 1985-1995
Beginning with the 2000 data year see the age-specific statistics for injury mortality by intent and injury mortality by mechanism.

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