Teenage Pregnancy, Arizona, 1986-1996

Data Organization

Tables 1-9 present annual numbers and rates of pregnancy, fertility and abortion from by year for Arizona adolescents. Temporal trends and changes may be assessed from these data.

Tables 10-22 provide data for 1996 by county of residence and age. Live births to teenage mothers are also reported by marital status, education, previous pregnancies, trimester of entry into prenatal care, source of payment for labor and delivery, and tobacco and alcohol use during pregnancy.

Proportional contribution of teen births to all births is shown in Table 23.

Table 24 compares birth rates in Arizona and United States.

The 1996 population denominators for Arizona resident females by age group and county of residence, as well as by age group and ethnicity are presented in the Appendix A and B.

The estimated number of mothers who were under the age of 20 is shown in the Appendix C.

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