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Smoke Free Arizona
Arizona Department of Health Services
Our Program

Tobacco Free Arizona is driven by a shared approach to tobacco control.
While engaging local partners statewide who share in the commitment to reduce the impact of commercial tobacco abuse, we are focused on three basic elements of service: capacity building, community ability, and teamwork.

Managed by the Arizona Department of Health Services Bureau of Tobacco and Chronic Disease, Tobacco Free Arizona developed its vision through research of evidence-based studies, online surveys, statewide community forums, and multicultural focus groups. The result is a renewed focus on community-driven practices for statewide tobacco control.

To develop localized, long-term tobacco control networks, we provide the assistance and resources necessary to:
  • reduce the introduction of tobacco use among youth
  • promote tobacco cessation among youth and adults
  • eliminate tobacco-related inequalities in specific population groups
  • prevent and detect the four leading causes of tobacco-related deaths in Arizona – cancer, heart disease, stroke and pulmonary disease
  • develop effective public guidelines to enact change within our communities
  • support Smoke Free Arizona’s efforts to limit the public’s contact with secondhand smoke