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Tobacco use is the nation’s number one cause of preventable death. In Arizona, the four leading causes of death are cancer, heart disease, stroke, and pulmonary disease. Tobacco use can be a cause in all of these.
Tobacco Free Arizona works to make sure Arizonans know the four leading causes of death are preventable and educates them about the services available to help people quit tobacco. We are serious about educating Arizona’s youth about the risks linked with tobacco use. But we have to work together to guarantee the safety of our children. This means shared accountability for reducing youth access to tobacco products, exposure to secondhand smoke, and dealing with the issue of peer pressure.

To increase the knowledge of youth and reduce the introduction of tobacco use, we will launch a campaign through television and radio, as well as youth-favored technologies such as text messaging, music, and the Internet, to educate kids on the addictive nature of tobacco. Educational programs will also be provided in schools throughout Arizona.

The American Lung Association says 90% of teens who start using tobacco will become nicotine addicts. If you don’t know how to start talking to your kids about tobacco, get tips on how to get started, pick up on the warning signs, and teach your kids ways to say “no” to peer pressure.

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Educating High-Risk Groups
Tobacco use among some groups, such as people with low incomes or members of racial minorities, is significantly higher than among the general population. Often these groups also have less access to healthcare and other resources that would help them treat their illnesses. The result is a higher rate of death and disease from tobacco use.
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