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Smokeless Tobacco

Believe it or not, smokeless tobacco doesn’t mean harmless tobacco. Since Arizona and many other states have passed smoke free laws, smokeless tobacco use is on the rise.
The nicotine content in a can of chew (also known as chewing tobacco, smokeless tobacco, spit tobacco, dip, snuff, or snus) is approximately 144 milligrams or about 80 cigarettes. One can of chew equals about four packs of cigarettes. Due to the high concentration of nicotine in chewing tobacco, it’s not surprising first-time users can experience an almost instant addiction.

Smokeless tobacco is not a safe replacement for smoking cigarettes. In addition to its highly addictive nature, smokeless tobacco use can cause major health effects including gum disease, tooth loss or decay, leukoplakia, and puts a user at higher risk for oral, throat, stomach, and pancreatic cancer.

The tobacco industry may try to make you think it’s safer. But the truth is there are major health risks linked with smokeless tobacco use you need to know. Want to quit? We can help. Contact the ASHLine (Arizona Smokers’ Helpline) today.