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You don't have to quit cold turkey.
People who use Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRTs) and medications to quit tobacco have a better chance of quitting than those who try to quit without them. When you call the ASHLine, your quit coach may be able to provide you with a nicotine replacement therapy. NRTs include options like nicotine patches, gum, inhaler and lozenges. They help reduce your withdrawal symptoms. Chantix™ and Zyban™ are two prescription medications that aid in tobacco cessation. Please talk to your doctor before using any prescription medications or NRTs.
The power to quit in the palm of your hand.
The Call It Quits App is another effective resource available absolutely free. You'll get tips and advice for quitting tobacco at the touch of a button. The Call It Quits app will also help you follow a quit plan, set goals and track your progress. Download the Call It Quits app today.
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Email or fax to Stacy Green or 602-364-0845
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To request additional ASHLine 2nd/3rd hand smoke cards, please send back the form provided below via email or fax. Email or fax to Ben Palmer or 602 364-0844.
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Code: A328 - Spanish ASHLine 2nd/3rd hand smoke cards
Code: A329 - English ASHLine 2nd/3rd hand smoke cards
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