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Birth Certificates

birth certificate

Most schools require a birth certificate to enroll a child. There are a few ways to obtain a copy of the birth certificate for a child born in Arizona. For children born since 1990, it usually takes less than a half hour at the state office to receive a copy if you have all the correct papers and identification. For non-standard certificates (late, foreign born or those born outside Arizona), it will take longer.

The State Vital Records Office is located at 1818 W. Adams, Phoenix, AZ 85007

• Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday, arrive before 4 p.m. to receive service that day
• Fee: $20 per birth certificate
• Same day services for standard birth certificate
• Average wait time 15-20 min during peak hours (11am-1pm)
• General eligibility requirements (valid government issued identification & foster care / guardian requirements to prove relationship)

Birth certificates can also be retrieved from County Offices, depending on location and situation.

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