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Arizona Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

Together We Can - Influence Change

As WIC Counselors, we strive to provide the best service and support to AZ families. Part of that role means constantly striving to improve our skills and techniques. Below you will find various resources, materials and tips that you can use to improve your skills or train staff.

Getting to the Heart of the Matter Assessment

In Arizona, we use a conversational approach to nutrition assessment. We do this using the ABCDE guide and a little help from the Getting to the Heart of the Matter (GTHM) Tools adapted from Massachusetts. Whether you're just getting started or wanting to strengthen your skills, find tips, resources and training information for the nutrition assessment in AZ WIC.

Nutrition Education and PCS Skills

Offering tips, suggestions based on the needs and interests of our clients and our assessment in an effective way is an art and takes some practice! Below you will find resources, tips and materials you can use to guide you as you develop or master your skills.

Together We Can Email Blasts

AZ WIC staff receives weekly email blasts with tips, stories and PCS support. Miss a week or want to find an old email? Find any old email blast below.




Set the Tone - Waiting Room Posters

Clinic environment and flow can have a huge impact when working with WIC families. Customize these posters with facts and pictures of you to help your clients get to know you. Instructions and samples provided.

Local Agency Training Resources

The following files have been provided thanks to our Local Agencies. They are self-made resources that can be reviewed and used for staff training at your discretion. Please verify the accuracy of the information provided and report any concerns or errors noted.

In-Person Training Opportunities

Check the Event Calendar for upcoming Together We Can trainings.

Is there something you'd like to share or something you'd like to see? Email us!

Note: All files provided in PDF format unless otherwise stated.