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Arizona Women, Infants & Children (WIC)

Together We Can - Be the Difference

"It takes each of us to make a difference for all of us." - Jackie Mutcheson, teacher

You can be the difference in your clinic or agency! Encouraging others, providing feedback and practicing skills are all ways you can make a difference.

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Becoming a Champion

Not sure where to begin? Look for the PCS Champions course on the LMS Catalog. This course will provide info on the role of a Champion and tips for working with fellow staff.

Join the AZ PCS Champion Group

The PCS Champions are a group of dedicated WIC staff who strive to provide quality services to AZ families every day. The group meets once per month via iLinc for a workshop and sharing session.

Information used in previous Champion calls are listed below:


November iLinc Slideshow Breastfeeding: Getting the conversation started when no one is talking!
September iLinc Slideshow Where Should We Go?
August iLinc Slideshow Refugee Women & Children's Health
July iLinc Slideshow Let's Reflect on OARS Skills
June iLinc Slideshow GTHM and Behavior Change Territory
May iLinc Slideshow Baby Behavior In-Service and Check-In
March iLinc Slideshow The when "everything is fine" appointment
February iLinc Slideshow Gift of Love. Supporting new moms and offering referrals
January iLinc Slideshow New Year, New "Invites". Catering to your participants


December iLinc Slideshow Give the gift of a Behavior Change Kill
November iLinc Slideshow Guest Speaker Molly Kellogg, RD, LCSW
October iLinc Slideshow Group Classes; how to conduct, which topics, finding space, adapting
September iLinc Slideshow Bridging Conversations; When Tangents Surface
August iLinc Slideshow Psst Pass It On; Nutrition Assessment, WIC codes, what works, what doesn’t, what you have the need to share
July iLinc Slideshow Olympians of Change; TGIF, changing to adapt clinic flow, thinking outside the box
June iLinc Slideshow  
May iLinc Slideshow  
April iLinc Slideshow  
February iLinc Slideshow  
January iLinc Slideshow  

Note: Slideshows are provided in PowerPoint files. Contact us for the complete PDF files.