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Arizona State Health Assessment & Improvement Plan

Launching the Arizona Health Improvement Plan (AzHIP)

To better understand the health status of Arizona's population, the Arizona Department of Health Services partnered with each of the county health departments to conduct a Community Health Assessment. This assessment included the collection and analysis of data from the community and information from a variety of sources. The result of this collaborative process is the State Health Assessment (SHA).PDF

The Community Health Assessments (CHAs) were used to develop the State Health Assessment (SHA) and the SHA will be used as the basis for developing the Arizona Health Improvement Plan (AzHIP). More than 10,000 people across the state were engaged in the development of the CHAs and the SHA through focus groups, surveys, meetings and forums. As a result, 15 public health issues affecting Arizonans were identified. Some of these emerged from the Community Health Assessments as top priorities for those communities, and some as broader, state-wide health concerns. The next step is to take the information learned from the SHA and develop an Arizona Health Improvement Plan (AzHIP).

As the process of developing the AzHIP begins, the first step is to prioritize the 15 leading public health issues so that efforts can be focused on creating the five year plan to address those top priorities. Once the priorities have been set, objectives will be defined for each health issue including assessing Arizona's capacity to address those issues. This is a framework for creating a plan to "move the needle" on the priority public health issues and to achieve desired health outcomes over the next five years.

The AzHIP will provide direction on how to improve the health of Arizonans in the next five years by aligning partnerships and resources to work collectively on shared health improvement goals and strategies.

State Level Information

ADHS has completed a public health assessment at a state level, called the Arizona State Health Assessment (SHA)PDF. The SHA report is one of the three Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) accreditation prerequisites, and provides the data and preliminary analysis to launch the AzHIP.

Arizona Health Improvement Plan (AzHIP)

The purpose of the Arizona Health Improvement Plan (AzHIP) is to describe how the health department and community will work together to improve the health of the population that we serve.

  • Based on the State Health Assessment (SHA)
  • Community driven with participation of public health system partners and stakeholders to set priorities
  • Prerequisite to apply for accreditation with the Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB)
  • Required elements of the Arizona Health Improvement Plan (AzHIP):
    • Community health priorities, objectives, strategies, measures, and time framed targets
    • Policy changes needed to accomplish objectives
    • Individuals and organizations responsible for implementation
    • Measurable health outcomes or indicators
    • Alignment with national priorities

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