Extreme Weather and Public Health

Flood Safety

flood scene

Arizona has a primarily arid climate; however, during the monsoon season of June-September, flooding is a real danger in Arizona. Injuries from flooding occur every year, and some people even lose their lives because they are taken off guard by storms or rushing floodwaters. Arizona's dry and rocky soil does not absorb water well, so flood conditions can develop very quickly and without warning after a heavy rain. Dry channels, slot canyons, ditches and lake beds can fill rapidly and the water can be strong and violent. In both rural and urban areas, water can also pond in roadways and low lying areas creating traffic hazards.

Before A Flood

Create a Disaster Supplies Kit (3-5 day supply of food and water, medications, hygiene supplies, batteries, battery powered radio, insect repellant, and first aid kit).

Listen to the radio or television for information.

Do not wait to move to higher ground if there is a possibility of a flash flood. Be aware of streams, dry riverbeds, canals, canyons, and other areas known to flood suddenly.