If you’re in danger now, call 911. If you think you might harm yourself, call 988.

Mental Health Tip #1

Exercise, get enough sleep, and give your body the nutrients it needs

Mental Health Tip #2

Practice journaling to improve your well-being

Mental Health Tip #3

Connect with others

Mental Health Tip #4

Meditate to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression

Mental Health Tip #5

Be kind to yourself

Self-Care is The Best Care

Your mental health affects every aspect of your life. How you think. How you feel. And how you relate to everybody around you. Practice self-care; it’s the best thing you can do for yourself.

Let’s Talk

Starting a conversation about mental health with your parents can be scary. They might not always ask how you’re feeling or it may seem like they don’t care. However, opening up about how you feel is the best way to gain the support and reassurance you need.

Show Your Support

Is your child asking for help? The best way you can support your child if they are struggling with mental health issues is to continue talking, listening, and encouraging them.

Things you should say…

What can I do to help you?

Things you should say…

I am always here for you

Things you should say…

Do you want to talk?

Things you should say…

I am here to listen

Things you should say…

I care about you

Get Involved

Make a difference in the mental health community by spreading awareness, creating a dialogue, and volunteering your time.


Talk To A Therapist

Find a therapist that fits you and your budget.

Free Resources

Use these resources to help you, a friend, or a relative.

LGBTQ+ Resources

Find LGBTQ resources availabe.

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